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HOT FROM THE CONFERENCE: 3 Top Trends That You Need to Know For 2022

2021, the year hailed as the fastest growing digital year in history and for us here at Traffic Mansion finally being able to attend conferences again.

It’s much easier being able to network IRL to drive up more business opportunities that will help us all grow in 2022.  

In October, Artem and Chi attended AWS in Las Vegas representing Traffic Mansion. If you were following our IG account you may have seen the bumper event was attended by some huge industry names offering useful insights. 

The other major event we were able to attend was the highly anticipated  AGS_Summit  held in Malta.  Once again the Traffic Mansion Team attended with 1000’s of advertisers, publishers and keynote speakers.  

We understand that attendance IRL is still proving difficult for all our partners, but don’t worry as the saying goes:

 “If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain.” 

In today’s post we share three top trends for 2022 that had everyone buzzing at both conferences.


Short-form video is one trend, making waves in the industry and will continue to rise in 2022. One area that dominated with this activity was social media marketing. Tik-Tok proved a spectacular sensation, so much so that Instagram wanted a piece of the pie, launching IG reels and YouTube too with it’s Shorts version.  

Did you know 65% of us learn more with content with videos V’s plain old text, and engagement climbs up by 180% when visuals are included? 

With these facts and figures in mind, it’s clear to see why including short video in your marketing strategy is an easy win heading into 2022. 

Short-form video content is a massive ROI booster, coming in 2nd for marketers (after influencer marketing).

Short form video is fast, fun, & easy-to-learn and if you’re not already on board with this money-maker… 

what are you waiting for? 


Don’t underestimate the power behind an influencer.  As for the best ROI driver of 2021, influencer marketing came in 3rd!

At a time where authenticity and trust are key drivers of revenue, is it any real surprise that influencer marketing is creating success stories? 

It may seem we have gone back to basics.  After all, Marketing 101 has proven time and time again consumers value the human element in brands. They want to be able to see themselves in what you have to offer.  

For all our cutting edge technology, AI for instance, just can’t match the result.

Not like good old fashioned word-of-mouth or as is the case…an influencer with a switched audience can.

From sparking interest, to delivering personalised messages and achieving major success, influencer marketing is a highly tipped trend you need to know for 2022.   


We said it before and we will say it again…trust has always been a key revenue driver for brands within marketing. However, following on from the wake of grave social injustices that have played out over the last two years…

diversity and inclusion have changed the face of marketing and taking trust to a higher level.

Nowadays, your audience wants to know where you stand on social issues. Armed and empowered with online content, this is something super easy to find this out.

So, If you’re still one of these “politics-has-no-place-in-business” type-of-brand… you may just find you become a “we-dont-want-to-do-business-with-you brand“, too.

But, be warned  this isn’t a fake it ‘til you make it’  sort of trend, your audience will pick apart any wishy-washy attempts to pull the wool over their eyes. 

To earn their business you’ll need to show up in a way that demonstrates your stand or your ROI is set to take a very big tumble.

Final thoughts 

As you can see the general consensus among the big players is that despite emerging from a post pandemic world, the affiliate marketing industry continues to boom. And is set to grow even more!

So, if you’re ready for your profits to soar, it’s time to get creative and make a stand. 

Thinking big in terms of short-term video, inclusion and personalising your brand message are three trends that will help you win come 2022.  

Are you already making use of any of these trends? Tell us which ones or if you’re not all over these trends (yet), which ones are you most excited to add to your marketing activities?

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