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Traffic Mansion’s Ultimate Affiliates Guide to Visiting Malta

Did you honestly think anyone here at Traffic Mansion was going to let you come to sunny Malta and not give you an introduction?

Picture this: Marbled sea waters, picturesque peninsulas, secret coves, a captivating history spanning the length and breadth of time and lest we forget… some of us at Traffic Mansion.  Do you notice the only thing missing from this perfect scene?

The answer of course is you.  

Affiliate Grand Slam is being held on our beautiful sunny island of Malta. So before you arrive…here is everything you need to know to make your trip here a memorable one. 

Discover the jaw-dropping hues of Malta’s Blue Grotto (Photo by Rick Barton on Unsplash)

Quick Facts and Information about Malta

  • Malta is the smallest country in the European Union. An archipelago comprising several small islands of which three are inhabited – Malta, Gozo and Comino.  An enchanting gem, located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, 80 miles off Sicily and 230 miles of North Africa. 
  • Malta is well connected and is a busy hub for international flights flying in and out of the island -D A I L Y!  From London, you can be here within 3 hours!

  • Joining the EU and subsequently the Schengen Area in 2004, Malta’s currency is the EURO (€). Almost everyone on the island speaks English, with this and of course Maltese being the official languages.

  • That said, it never hurts to learn one or two phrases. Don’t worry, our CEO and a few members of the team at Traffic Mansion are native speakers so we’ll get into Maltese a little later 🙂

  • Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Measuring 0.61 miles, the capital in its ENTIRETY has been declared a UNESCO heritage site.  Valletta is an eclectic hybrid of architecture, culture, history, restaurants and quirky bars. Honestly, a trip here and it’s instantly clear why it’s referred to as an, “open air museum”.

For now let’s get into a few more serious matters like what to pack where to stay etc. 

What’s the weather like in Malta during November?

Did you notice we referred to the island as sunny? Well that wasn’t a cliche or a typo. Malta is the sunniest place in Europe, enjoying over 300+ days of sunshine every year. In November the average daily temperature reaches a pleasant  20°C . During the evening the temperature drops and it can feel chilly.  By the way, the sea temperature  isn’t too bad either, reaching a respectable 22°C. 

Certainly bearable and a few of our team members in Malta, still consider November very much swimming season. 

Traffic Mansion’s Tips on What to Pack 

The best bet on trips such as these is to pack light. But just to be sure to bring a jumper and/or light rain jackets for when the temperature drops.  Make sure you bring comfortable shoes because if you visit places such as Valletta, Mdina, St Julians it’s likely you’ll do plenty of walking. 


Bring light dresses, jeans, light tops and closed-toes shoes/block heels.  Pack day outfits you can instantly glam up with a blazer for an evening out! 


For men, bring light shirts, jeans and smart/casual comfortable shoes. A dinner jacket would also be great for taking you from day to night in an instant. 

Getting around Malta 

Malta is tiny island and well served by over 80 bus routes taking you around the island. That said, during peak times, traffic can be a major cause for contention and the most probable cause for a bad mood! 

November is  during the off-peak cheaper month and a single bus journey costs you more than €1.50 if completed within two hours. 

There are also apps you need to download right now for a cabs (especially if you intending on schmoozing away at parties into the early hours). These are ECabs and Bolt and both are available on iPhone and Appstore.

CoolPool is another taxi app, operating as a taxi pooling service and picking up randoms who are heading in the same direction.

Tip: Maybe not so great if you’re in a rush, but great for the environment.

The Main Event 

Kicking off on Tuesday 16 November 2021 at 9am is the highly anticipated Affiliate Grand Slam.  With partners such as Adplexity, Clickdealer, Digital Stars, geoearnings, and other industry favourites already confirmed on the bill, the event is already shaping up to be a great one. 

150 exhibition speakers, 3000 attendees… here’s just a few things in the wonderful world of digital and affiliate marketing you can expect:

  • Email Marketing & E-Commerce
  • Influencer and Creative Branding Marketing 
  • SEO 
  • AI & Deep Technology 

For a full list of keynote speakers, schedules  check the link here” 

Affiliate Grand Slam Address: Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre,
Millennium Stand, Level 1,
The National Stadium, Ta’ Qali,ATD 4000, Malta

Both the 186 and 202 buses stop nearby. 

Time: 9am to 18:00

Networking Opportunities

During the event, a whole slog of networking events will take place from 18:00 until late. The parties are being taken back to St Julians, the bright and vibrant hub of Malta.

Traffic Mansion have our few parties and activities of our own, so… keep an eye on your inbox. We would hate for you to miss out on the fun!

Traffic Mansion’ s Top Places to see in Malta 

Malta is a beautiful island and there is so much to see with an equal amount of things to do. We feel lucky that we have a base here and look forward to welcoming you on the island. It’s hard to choose a favourite as we are sure to find out yourself. But here is a quick overview of some spectacular places for you to see.


Mdina’s Enchanting Allwyways (Photo by David Alfons on Unsplash)

One of Malta’s star attractions is the enchanting Mdina. Characterised by its fortified walls and narrow alleyways, a visit here transports you from the modern world to an ancient idyllic one. Whilst here don’t forget to stop by the most instagrammable door in Malta.
Fun fact: Mdina was heavily popularised following HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones. The main gates featured as King’s Landing in Season 1. Also known as the Silent City, Mdina was once Malta’s capital city. 


A trip to Malta is incomplete if you do not visit 450 year old planned fortified city. Valletta was named 2018’s capital of culture and is teeming with plenty of history, opulent churches and museums. Oh wait, did we mention it houses the oldest theatre in Europe?  It’s not all history and culture, head here for restaurants  serving some mouthwatering dishes, both local and international. Oh and quirky bars. Babel, Cafe Society and Taste are firm favourites amongst many of us here at Traffic Mansion.  

The Three Cities 

Birgu, Bormla and Senglea are the towns collectively known as The Three Cities. Get lost walking  ancient cobbled streets and quaint narrow alleyways. Head to Gardjola Gardens for breath-taking views overlooking Valletta’s incredible waterfront.  Or enjoy a drink or two on one of the many bars along Birgu’s majestic marina. You can get here in 007-esque style by ferry from Sliema or from Valletta. Or if you want more of a local experience, you can travel here on a traditional boat. 

St Lawrence Church, Birgu, Malta
Wander the medieval streets of ancient Three Cities (Photo by Irena Carpaccio on Unsplash)

St Julians 

Stretching out seven kilometres is a colourful cacophony of neo-gothic architecture, restaurants, casino’s, bars,  hotels, and a sun-drenched promenade in the fragrant town of St Julians. 

There’s a reason why all the networking drinks , dinners and award ceremonies take place here and that is because there is something uniquely high-end about this town. St Julians has the highest concentration of all the luxury hotels on the island. We know we said pack light, but make sure you have something nice to change into for a night (or two) of glitz and glamour.


“Lived-in,” is what immediately springs to mind when one thinks of the large and bustling Sliema. To see it now, you wouldn’t believe this was once a sleepy village meaning “peace.” An energetic tidal wave of bars, restaurants surges through St Julians and takes you through the neighbouring town of Sliema. Walk the promenade alongside a magnetic and deeply rugged blue-green coastline. You know how these fun nights happen and you never know when you might need a new frock or dinner jacket.  And if so, Sliema is also home to a noteworthy shopping scene. (just saying) 


Located in the most northern part of Malta, Mellieha is home to the largest sandy beach on the island, Ghadira Bay. In fact most of the sandy beaches are in the north if you’re a sandy beach lover. Mellieha is also where you’ll find the top tourist attraction Popeye Village. Just so you know: Mellieha isn’t really a happening spot in terms of partying.  Think plenty of nature, beaches and restaurants. Talking of which favourites are:  Rebecca’s, Hilltop (try the lobster and scallops ravioli) Commander and 0ne80. 


Marsaxlokk is the vibrant picturesque village that epitomises Malta. Famed for it’s colourful market and traditional way of life, Marsaxlokk is also home to the famous St Peters Pool and lesser-known ones too like Delimara. The market is open everyday if you want to pick up a cool souvenir. But if you’re still around, Sunday is the ultimate market day. 


Wondering where the locals stay-cay? Right here on sister island Gozo. Reachable only by crossing the Malta-Gozo Channel via ferry, either from Cirkewwa just a smidgen away from Mellieha, or a the fast ferry from Valletta.  Smaller,  greener and sleepier by comparison, Gozo is home to Europe’s best diving sites, medieval streets, temples, miracle baroque churches and the almighty Citadel serving up jaw-dropping views. 


All of us here at Traffic Mansion had a bet. We bet that you have seen picture perfect island Comino far more times than any of the places mentioned here. Nestled between sister island Gozo and Malta is where you’ll have a tiny piece of paradise aka Comino.
Home to the Blue Lagoon and only two residents would you believe? Boasting almost otherworldly like seawater, Comino oozes a mythical beauty. The best thing about visiting now… you avoid the clamour of over enthused tourists and you’ll most certainly almost have this little island to yourself. You can get here by boat from various locations around the island, Sliema, Valletta, Mellieha and also from Gozo. bring yourself a packed lunch and you’re good to go. 

How many times have you seen paradisiacal Comino? (Photo by Quentin BASNIER on Unsplash)

Traffic Mansions Favorite Places to Stay (Near Affiliate Grand Slam)

When it comes to where to stay, there’s plenty of choices. Both Attard where the conference centre is and St Julians are about as distinct in character as chalk and cheese. Attard is much quieter than the louder party town of St Julians.  If you need a little bit of inspo, here are three of Traffic Mansion’s favourites:

Westin Dragonara 

 5 star beachfront luxurious hotel in St Julians, which you may have noticed is where a few of the networking dinners will take place. You’ll be front and centre of all the networking parties, restaurants and untold amounts of fun that take place.  But you will have a short commute to get you to the MFCC centre for a potential 9am start! 

Westin Dragonara (courtesy of

The Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux  

Roughly 1.5 kms away from the affiliate conference centre.  Staying here might mean you wake up bright eyed and bushy-tailed set amongst the world renowned medieval  silent city of Mdina.  Amenities have everything you would expect from a 5 star and is next door to San Anton Gardens. 

Xara Palace (courtesy of

Corinthia Palace

Malta might be the perfect choice for those of you who want to be close to the conference but want to indulge in fun too.  A five star hotel located in quiet Attard, means you’re close to the conference centre. But, should you wish to go to the many networking parties, the hotel offers a free shuttle service to St Julians. 

Corinthia Palace (courtesy of Booking.Com)

A Traffic Mansion Lesson in Maltese For Affiliates

Maltese is a semitic language infused with hints of Latin, peppered with Arabic and a dash of Old Sicillian giving rise to one spicy language.  Like we said at the beginning Malta’s official languages are English and Maltese, everyone speaks English but it’s never a bad idea throwing in a few native words here and there. You never know ,you may earn more brownie points, net a sweet deal or lead to a great night!  

Here are a few phrases to get you by. 

“Welcome to Malta” –Merħba f’Malta

“Good Morning” – “Bonġu!

“Good evening/night!” – “Il-lejl it-tajjeb!

“Thank you!” – “Grazzi!

“I think I drank too much!”- “Naħseb xrobt iżżejjed”

“Are there any places of interest I absolutely must see?” – Liema postijiet interessanti għandi nżur?

Final Thoughts

It’s time to get packing and we hope you can join us here in sunny Malta, let us know in the comments if there is anything else you need.  In the meantime, Traffic Mansion can’t wait to say: Merħba f’Malta”

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