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How to Become a Successful Dating Affiliate in 2022

The dating vertical’s popularity has soared since the birth of online dating in the 1980s.

Profits have been on the rise and, even in a post-pandemic era, remains at an all-time high. Fast forward to today, and dating is considered one of the most lucrative verticals.   

Killer creatives, kick-ass dating offers, quality traffic, testing and ad formats are a winning formula to become a successful dating affiliate in 2022. But it must be marketed right, and today’s post will help you get the most out of this huge money-making opportunity.  

What Dating Affiliates Need To Cash In 

The first answer is traffic. The second one: High-quality traffic. An easy one to get started. Indeed you weren’t expecting anything different like creatives? Creatives help, and we’ll get into that further. But without getting in front of the right people, you won’t succeed in cashing on higher conversions. 

But you knew that 😉  

Traffic Mansions’ Irresistible Dating Offers 

Next, you’ll need kick-ass offers to become a successful affiliate on the dating vertical 2022. Note we said: Kickass Offers. 

Your best bet is to partner with either an affiliate network program or go direct and join a dating affiliate program. Each has advantages and disadvantages and, before making a decision you can read this article to help you choose.

In short, networks act as the middleman between you and the publisher. Whereas dating affiliate programs cut out the middleman. For instance, here at Traffic Mansion, we have a portfolio of exclusive dating offers in mainstream and adult consistently tested, optimised and super trafficked – just saying! 

Know your Audience 

Knowing your audience is a critical factor in running successful campaigns.  

Before launching your campaign, you should, at the very least you should know: 

  • What motivates them to engage with your offer?
  • Which elements works best when you’re trying to attract them
  • Formats/banners you should use to reach them 

It sounds a little like dating, right? 

Creatives For the Win in 2022

Another thing a dating affiliate must consider becoming successful in 2022 is the creatives. Think of the process like – dating.

Now you know where to find your audience. Next, you have to create creatives that speak to your audience. This will almost guarantee you the results you’re after.

For instance, a glamorous looking photo tends to engage men aged 40+. Whereas men younger are much likelier to engage with creatives that incorporate an image that is somewhat more amateurish – (think selfies). 

Generally creatives work best when: 

  • Kept short and sexy (45 words or less) 
  • Personalised to your audience (see why knowing them is important?)
  • Stirs up curiosity think secret, surprise me, FOMO-causing language 
  • Includes numbers and easily digestible content like emojis
  • Favourable terms (think escapism and fantasy :)) 
  • Includes emojis that depicts a sexy promise of a sorts 

Traffic Mansion’s Take on Testing 

Over the years, we at Traffic Mansion have all discovered what can go from working well, can dive and pretty quickly. Dating affiliates need to stay on top of trends and think outside of the box consistently. The only real way you can do this is through testing. Once you have launched your campaigns, you will need to learn what works best for you and tweak where necessary. 

Best Formats for Higher Conversions in Dating

The following formats are best for gleaning success on the dating vertical. Just add+ creativity: 


They were designed to blend in seamlessly with the screen and thus complement the rest of the content. For best results, native works best when paired with a show-stopping image, irresistible content and an emoji!  


You’ll have to inject a little more creativity into this format. Generally, banners are placed above-the-fold so naturally demands something that stands out visually; make sure yours incorporates evocative content AND a solid call to action 

Push Notification 

This format works by sending notifications to mobile users who have subscribed. And pretty much guarantee more conversions. With this in mind, to get the best results from your push notifications, you need to combine provocative visuals and highly suggestive content. 

In-Page Push 

This format works similarly to that of the classic push notification. However, messages pop up automatically whilst the user is on the screen. A notable difference is, of course, the user does not need to subscribe. However, similarly to classic push… it works best when personalised with provocative visuals and highly suggestive content.

Traffic Mansion Tips for Dating Affiliates Getting Started! 

It’ll be tempting to create campaigns taking advantage of the catalogue of offers if you decide to partner with a dating affiliate program such as Traffic Mansion.

But a friendly word of advice: when you’re getting started, take it easy at first. Make it your no.1 goal to learn which type of dating offers work best with your audience. 

You may already know, here at Traffic Mansion; we have one of the most advanced (and coveted) smartlinks in the industry. Around here we call our tool The Optimizer and it’s highly attuned to pair your traffic with the best kick-ass offer.

But despite this: we still encourage all dating affiliates to get into the habit of testing and experimenting to not only encourage your growth, but so you can save time and learn the best strategies to focus on. (Look out for a future post to help you get the most out of testing coming soon).  

Final Thoughts 

So, to finish the winning formula is:

killer creatives + quality traffic + kickass dating offers + testing (and using the best ad formats) = one successful dating affiliate.

Do you want to learn more about our dating affiliate program or our dating offers? Then get in touch, we are a helpful bunch.

Happy New Year :). 

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