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5 Reasons Why Affiliates Should Consider Building an Audience on YouTube

If you’re thinking that it’s too late to start your own YouTube channel; you’re wrong.

Even though the competition has become insane on this platform, we at Traffic Mansion believe there’s still more than enough room for new YouTubers to emerge and generate engaged followings.

Video marketing is the future and anyone who’s serious about generating profit through content should seriously consider making video a key component of their overall marketing strategy.

According to Forbes, by 2019, 80 percent of all web traffic will be generated through video and the largest percentage of it will come from YouTube.

With over a billion videos watched each day, YouTube has definitely become the biggest video sharing site on the entire Web.

Among other wonderful things, YouTube has shown exceptional value for marketers who are looking to build their audiences and set up a pipeline of interested prospective customers.

For affiliate marketers especially, YouTube is an extremely lucrative network. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people on YouTube who are making serious money every day just by recommending products in their videos, doing reviews, or simply linking to brands in their content.

If you’re serious about earning a decent profit via your affiliate marketing efforts and you still don’t use YouTube, it would be wise to rethink your approach and consider making the platform a part of your strategy, and here’s why:

YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine and People Use It for Education

When it comes to engagement and its active user base, YouTube is only second in size to Google.

People from all over the globe have developed a habit of regularly visiting YouTube for different purposes. Regardless of the fact that the company’s headquarters is based in the United States, only 17 percent of its entire traffic comes from the homeland. According to Alexa, India (8.3 percent), Japan (4.6 percent), and Russia (4.1 percent) are just a few major places where YouTube mania is growing stronger every day.

Even though a lot of people feel that YouTube is primarily used for entertainment, research has proven that’s not really true.

More than 70 percent of YouTubers claim that they use the platform to help them solve a problem regarding their work, school, or hobbies, and 86 percent of them said they regularly use it to learn new things. When asked about the reasons why they visit the site, the most common response (65 percent) was “to help me fix something in my home or car.” Entertainment was the second-most popular response at 57 percent.

These statistics have proven that YouTube is not just a platform for watching silly cat videos.

Advertisers Make Big Bucks On It – It’s Not Just Used By Kids Who Don’t Own Credit Cards

According to comScore’s data, the biggest age group of viewers belongs to 25-34-year-olds (400k viewers per month). The second biggest ones in made out of 35-44-year-olds, while younger generations (who are mostly associated with this network) make only 25 percent of its entire viewership.

Having all these facts in mind, it’s easy for affiliate marketers to see the value in building large followings for themselves on this platform. The best thing for affiliates regarding YouTube is they can insert a link in the video. The site allows users to incorporate URLs to affiliate sites in the videos themselves and their descriptions fields. Affiliates have an option to directly ask their viewers to act and click the links.

Running ads on YouTube also pays off. The platform has a new targeting tool that lets advertisers target video ads based on the users’ recent search history, which means that everyone interested in promoting their brand, business, and services on YouTube has the option to deliver dynamic content that’s perfectly aligned with their targeted users’ interests.

More than half of US marketers use this site for advertising and more than 60 percent of them plan to increase their ad spending in the near future.

YouTube currently accounts for a quarter of digital ad spending in the US alone and judging by the state of things, it’s going to claim an even bigger piece of that pie in the upcoming year or two.

Video is More Engaging Than Any Other Content Format

Believe it or not, 6 billion hours of video are viewed on this platform alone every month. Back in 2017, YouTube reached an important milestone of 1.5 billion logged-in visits per month.

If nothing else, these statistics prove that people love videos.

Video brings movement and noise together, two key components that are extremely effective for catching people’s attention. Both of them play an important role in conveying effective messages.

Our brain engages better with video than any other type of content because it is designed to retain pictures better than pages filled with words. According to many studies, the average person is more likely to remember a piece of information presented through video than text.

Video brings a whole new dimension to storytelling. It makes information more digestible and easier to comprehend. That’s why so many marketers love it. According to Wyzowl’s study, 80 percent of questioned marketers invest in video because they believe it gives them great ROI. Most of them use it as a key part of their strategy.

Video makes it easier for us to capture people’s attention and distribute our messages in a way we do face-to-face with clients. They bring a whole new dimension to the game by allowing not only to connect with our targeted audience with content but charisma as well. For affiliates, engagement is everything, and video is currently the best content format for getting people to actually respond to our messages.

Great YouTube Content Ranks High in Google’s SERP

In case you forgot, Google owns YouTube. The company bought the platform back in 2006 for $1.65 billion in stock.

Regardless in which niche or market you operate, I’m willing to bet that when you type some of your most important keywords in search, at least a couple of YouTube videos appear in your results and on good positions.

That is because Google understands the importance of videos and how many users prefer to receive information through this particular format.

As you develop your YouTube channel, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not only creating content for this particular network but for Google as well. This, of course, opens your work to a lot bigger audience. With the right tactics, you can generate tons of traffic to your videos on your channel and, in turn, to your website.

It’s a Perfect Platform for Building Authority and Trust with Targeted Audiences

YouTube is an ideal medium for getting people to enter the top and middle stages of your funnel.

The platform generates 30 million views per day, which means that a great number of people from every corner of the world come to YouTube to find answers to their questions and problems. This provides affiliate marketers with a great opportunity to build authority and reach their targeted audiences by offering their expertise in form of short clips, reviews, how-to videos, etc.

Every single one of these types of videos is great for raising awareness and building trust in you as an expert. By creating short videos (3-5 minutes), with great tips, affiliates can not only get attention but also provide help and value to customers, which will eventually pay off on many different levels.

When viewers develop a habit of watching your videos, they will start to recognize you as an expert for providing tips and advice, which will automatically make it a lot easier for you to promote products and get people to buy what you’re selling.

Closing Words

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest article, we hope it helped you see why YouTube is such a great platform for affiliate marketers to make a profit. Even though YouTube is a very competitive environment already, affiliates who do their homework and select a lucrative niche can still get a lot of ROI from their efforts on this website.


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