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5 Tips for Affiliates: Boosting Your SEO Results

The keys to affiliate marketing SEO success seem to be cut, and re-cut, endlessly – and if you’re not sure where to start. 


you are not alone.

Here’s what you need to accept and understand about SEO. 

As Google evolves, it becomes more intelligent in learning what the masses want. It has bots crawling over our content to boost their own goals.

 Cue: Google Ads. 

Often we forget Google is a business too, with their own strategies. The better they become at solving consumer problems. The more revenue they drive from frustrated affiliates buying google ads to bolster up their SEO efforts. 

So,  instead of feeling defeated, you also need to evolve in order to stand out and get your content seen – organically.   

In today’s post we’ve listed 5 easy-to-do, SEO tips for boosting your site’s search results. Let’s dive in!

SEO Tip #1: High-Quality Content

The most important thing to keep in mind when posting articles is content – always keep it strong and original.

Quality content shouldn’t be compromised at the expense of higher keyword density. That said, keywords are not the only factor determining your affiliate marketing SEO success.

If you have compelling,  and engaging content that attracts an audience – you will see progress in your website’s search rankings. 

It should go without saying but, never duplicate articles on your site, or rip off articles from other sites. 

This move is a sure way in getting bitch slapped by Google result and leads to certain death in so far as search rankings go. That’s not even the worst of it… 

you can also end up with a copyright infringement case. 

Write fresh, original material that is unique to your business and use keywords specific to your brand.  

These SEO tips require more patience from you. But as you draw in your audience  organically, watch your search rankings grow steadily.    

Bonus SEO Tip: Is Your Content Mobile Phone Friendly? 

Did you know that you can pick up some extra SERP points from Google just by making sure your content is mobile friendly?  

Often overlooked this bonus SEO tip is an easy one to add as part of your affiliate marketing SEO strategy. 

Obviously you want to consider your target audience,  but when you factor in the fact that globally,  mobile phone usage is on the rise… the likelihood is this applies to you too. 

Be mindful that when accessing information using a mobile device, readers are generally on the go.  Query searches will differ and may also be carried out using voice searches. 

People are less patient, whilst on the go, so bounce rates tend to be higher from mobile devices. 

To recap: Here’s what you need to consider when creating content that is mobile phone friendly:

  • Target keywords that are used on mobile devices
  • Ensure your content is optimised for voice searches
  • Content will need to be concise and compelling from the outset. 
  • Think of the users experience (UX): Organise your content with consideration for smaller screens and loading speed 

SEO Tip #2 Use product-specific keywords

Our second SEO tip is to target product-specific keywords. But, before you get started, you will need to conduct keyword research. This is to make sure there is enough competition for the keywords you wish to target. 

No matter how immaculate your content creation, it won’t mean much if no one is interested in it.

As part of your affiliate marketing seo strategy, build your keywords around the following: 

  • Choose relevant keywords that focus on your product/service 
  • Create content with strong emphasis on what you are offering
  • Your target audience

Once you are clear on your keywords, craft your content creatively to showcase what you offer and stand out above your competition

Remember: product + audience = results.

SEO Tip #3 Using Keywords in Your Titles

Always keep this in mind before posting an article; Google is much more likely to pick up on articles with hot keywords in their title. Of course relevance is most important, so don’t just throw any  keywords into your title – keep it focused.

If you’re clever and creative enough to squeeze a keyword, or phrase, into your title – go for it. You’ll be both bulking up your keyword density and drawing Google towards your article. 

But just as content should never be compromise  keyword density, this also includes your titles.

 You do however, have a bit more creative space to work keywords into titles, and if you can manage to do so, the payoff is palpable. 

Don’t Forget: Spice up Your Headers with Keywords 

When you create content, how creative are you with your headers? If you’re lazily adding in headers as an afterthought, then you’re missing out on an opportunity to rank higher in search engines. 

Considering that most people skim your content (we know… hurts right?) you want to use headers to call out to your readers.

And no we don’t mean let it all hang out on a plate for them either, as there still will not be much point in reading your content.

Create your headers in a way that excites and intrigues a reader enough to engage with your content. Not only is this great for the user experience – which, by the way communicates to Google, that your content is all that! 

Talking of Google, your headers tell Google (and other search engines) what your content is about. So although we said create your content in a way that excites and… 

You need to make sure this is also relevant. Don’t confuse the hell out of everyone (including Google) by getting too clever or worse…over promising and under delivering. 

Sometimes less is more. 

This is starting to sound like relationship advice now,  but you want people to visit your content, dwell (stay) and reduce the bounce rate (ghost.)   

SEO Tip #4 Use Reputable Backlinks

The use of relevant and reputable backlinks on posts will give credibility to your site through the transitive property. You will essentially be gaining SEO credibility and reputation through the sheer action of associating your site with – what Google deems to be – a successful and well-established site.

Of course you must be selective with your sources, and place your anchor texts naturally.

SEO Tip #5 Optimise your Images

You might be surprised by just how important images have become in defining affiliate marketing SEO success. If you also focus on your images…you can boost your keyword density significantly. A few quick ways to do this are to:

  • Use descriptive and accurate words to name your image. Always be specific and cater to the audience’s intent i.e. what words are they using to “Google it?  Check your site’s analytics to determine what phrases your customers are using.
  • ALT Tags – always utilize your image’s ability to boost your keyword density. Include plenty of accurate, keyword-rich descriptions of the image – but keep it coherent and descriptive. Keyword stuffing will not help you here.
  • Size does matter – Speed trumps size in optimisation, every single time. Smaller images with a rapid loading speed will ultimately attract more customers than the larger high definition images that load much slower. Time is money – and every second of lag time can, and probably will, cost you in the end.

[Bonus] SEO Tip #6 Learning From Your Analytics

Here at Traffic Mansion, we know we are always banging on about learning and growing. And our stance remains the same where your affiliate marketing SEO strategy is concerned. 

You can gain some insight by shares, likes and comments. However what works best is to check your analytics. This will give you a deeper understanding of what resonates most with your audience. 

How else will you know what is working and what needs more work? 

Obviously you will want to ensure your affiliate marketing strategy is paying off and your ranking higher. When looking at your data, you will want to take note of:

  • Traffic Sources
  • Bounce Rate 
  • How long people are interacting with your content

Checking this regularly will help shape and evolve your affiliate marketing seo strategy. 

Over To You 

As we said in the introduction as Google becomes smarter and more powerful,  SEO evolves – and at lightning speed. 

Though as an affiliate you should be flexible enough to adapt to change, do not feel the need to become an SEO expert overnight.  (But, it won’t hurt to learn the basics) 

At the heart of SEO is providing your readers with value and that should ring true in everything you do.  

For instance: 

  • Creating Quality Content 
  • Creating Mobile Friendly Content 
  • Targeting product-specific keywords
  • Using Reputable Backlinks 
  • Optimising Images 
  • Checking your analytics

Implementing these SEO tips into your affiliate marketing strategy will see you boost your SEO results. 


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