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Keep Calm and Play With Your Clicks

Did you know Coronavirus porn is trending at the moment?  And yes it’s perfectly safe to play with your campaigns in order to increase clicks. Just make sure you wash your hands after.  As an affiliate marketer, you’ll know in order to keep on top of your game you’re expected to keep abreast of current trends along with industry news. With that said, everyone on the planet has heard of the CoronaVirus or COVID-19 as it’s otherwise known.  But did you know: being quarantined as a result of the outbreak has caused traffic on dating sites to surge. Read on to learn how the Coronavirus quarantine guides the rate of our clicks.

Corona “N” Click 

Many would think a global pandemic spread by close human contact would deter people from the wonderful world of online dating. But the opposite has happened. Measures rolled out by health officials to combat Coronavirus has lead to major spikes in traffic and conversion rates. This spike in online dating traffic resembles behavioural patterns similar to blowy snow days where people are holed up indoors and take to socialising online instead.

Although users may be cautious about hooking up in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, people are engaging on sites for longer periods. The waves of people socially distancing either because of being in quarantine or working from home has seen exchanges rise.  On snow days, you can invite a person over to hook up or share your workspace and keep you company. Quarantine has prevented this so people are sending more pics and flirty texts to fill the gap. Dubbed “Corona and Chill” this increased activity is more of a reason to ramp up your marketing activities.

Whilst CoronaVirus spreads, social distancing is set to become the new norm. Now is as good a time as any to engage with your audience in order to lure new visitors and engage existing ones. With competitive payouts, and unparalleled conversion rates Traffic Mansion gets you the highest EPC for email marketing traffic and our affiliates are paid on initial upgrades to any of our sites. 

Here are three sources which can be used to engage visitors and further ramp up traffic :

Email Marketing

Hailed by marketers as the best channel for generating traffic, email marketing converts up to three times as much as social media. This traffic source gives you leverage over other sources because you already have an audience interested in your service. The best campaigns tend to work when people have willingly given their permission for you to send them details of offers or other content. Use this platform to deliver current and fresh content to keep people engaged.

On page SEO

It may sound like common practice but being seen online is essential to driving more traffic and where SEO plays a key role in ensuring you are. Google is the wizard master in ensuring that relevant and credible is suggested. To rank higher in Google’s suggestion you can ensure you optimise your content by using basic SEO techniques which include: Page titles, headers, image alt-text and URLs

Social Media

The use of social media is on the increase and arguably one of the most popular platforms for online interaction. Boasting 3.80 billion users globally, social media can dramatically drive traffic and works best when paired with e-mail marketing. This platform aids better connections to be forged and valuable feedback to be obtained. Overall social media presence is great for brand awareness and delivering better customer experience.

Final Takeaway

Coronavirus is a global issue which means everyone already knows about it and is talking about it. This “trend” gives plenty of scope in attracting new visitors as well as engaging with existing ones. Campaigns are a freefall and creativity is for the taking. Do not be afraid to adopt a trial and error approach, in fact with the unpredictability of this virus it is an approach which will only serve you well. 

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