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Media Buying for Adult Traffic

Regardless of what you do or sell online, generating new traffic should always be on top of your priority list. But not just any type of traffic – I’m talking about that kind of traffic that’s relevant to your business and has a high potential of turning your visitors and leads into actual, paying customers.

Everything you do online should revolve around that idea. It doesn’t really matter if you run a small shop, several dating sites at once, or a big ecommerce store – all your efforts should be focused on the same goal – to place your business in front of those Internet users who could actually be interested in what you have to offer.

For example, if you’re a local cake shop owner, you don’t want to appear in front people who don’t live in the same city or country as you do.

To you, that traffic is borderline useless. Sure, it could improve your brand awareness, but the benefits stop there. What’s the point of having tons of visits from users who cannot actually buy your product? And if they could – there isn’t a convenient enough way on how you can ship your cakes to the next town or country, and hope for them to reach their destination in mint condition.

Same goes for your dating business. If you run, for example, a gay dating site – every click that comes from straight people is basically garbage.

That’s why we need to think about traffic from a more serious and tactical angle.

Whether you’re designing a new website, developing fresh content or working on your latest SEO campaign – every little thing you do for your online presence should be in service of stimulating the right type of people to visit your site and convert through your offerings.

Naturally, this is often easier said than done.

With more than 1.2 billion active websites today, it’s becoming harder and harder to get ahead of the competition and pop in front of those desired users. Most brands today invest a lot of hard-earned money into all sorts of different marketing practices and tactics, hoping they’ll help them reach their goals and grow their business in this cut-throat digital world.

While there are many solid forms of marketing available today, one of the most popular options for those who need the right traffic comes in the shape of media.

What is Media Buying?

In case you’re not familiar with the term, media buying is a subsection of online advertising management, and it occurs when a certain company, brand, or a person responsible for advertising and marketing purchases a specific real estate on a specific site, in order to reach out to its targeted audience and stimulate them to convert through one of their offers.

Even though media buying is a term you hear a lot today, this is a fairly new industry. A couple of years back, there was nothing other than ad networks, exchanges, advertisements, and agencies. The whole media buying show started somewhere between 2007 and 2010, when the massive fragmentation of the advertisement industry occurred.

Both the buyers and sellers of traffic took things to the next level. The companies that sell traffic have created a specific value offering system, while the buyers themselves started to think bigger and look for opportunities on a global level.

This is now the norm. These are tools that now empower both the demand and supply side of media buying:

  • DSP (Demand Side Platform): A technology that allows you to purchase inventory across multiple platforms. Top players include Invite Media, Media Math, AppNexus, Turn, DataXu etc.
  • SSP (Supply Side Platform): A technology that helps publishers monetize their inventory. Some examples of SSP include Rubicon, Admeld, Pubmatic etc. (etc. = End of Thinking Capacity).

Apart from that, the whole revolution standardized revenue type, the main three being:

  • CPM (Cost per Mille): $ rate for every 1,000 impressions
  • CPC (Cost per Click): $ rate for every click
  • CPA (Cost per Action/Acquisition): $ rate for every action (defined by advertiser)

But How to Rock the Media Buying Gig in The Adult Industry?

To become a successful media buyer, it’s imperative that you truly understand your targets and what you want to achieve with renting a certain digital space. It’s your job to get the maximum out of your investment and make sure that your efforts pay off.

In order to do that, you need to develop analytical and negotiating skills. You need to have a deep understanding of your targeted audience; what they like, what they don’t like, where they hangout online and why and what provokes their engagement  in order to ensure their interactions with your campaign.

In a nutshell, media buying is almost an artform; especially for the adult industry.

If you run a dating site, you have to keep in mind that you cannot really advertise your business all over the place. That goes without saying for brands offering content that might be considered “inappropriate.”  A whole lot of different factors come into play here, which naturally makes it insanely hard for dating businesses to reach out to their potential users.

Luckily for us who operate in this industry, there are more than a couple of great sites that sell quality, adult traffic.

1. TrafficJunky

TrafficJunky is probably one of the best advertising services that website publishers who operate in the adult industry use to generate revenue and traffic on their sites. It offers advertisers advanced ad serving features, auto-optimizing and targeting options, full access to CPM-bidding platforms, and well-visited publisher sites that can help you easily get your adult dating site rollin’.  

2. ExoClick

ExoClick is another great source. This innovative ad network claims that it produces more than 150 billion advertisements per month to a global network of web and mobile platforms, which is the reason it holds the 4th position among the biggest media buying sites in the world. Its smart software makes it possible for you, an advertiser, to fully customize your online traffic by filtering it through various behavior and geo-location settings.

3. Adnium / GrandSlamMedia

Same as ExoClick, Adnium allows the advertiser to fully optimize its traffic. The owners of this brand claim that their unique bidding by placement feature is surely the thing that separates them from the competition. You can easily set which ad zones you want to receive higher or lower bids, and so intelligently distribute your advertising budget only where you see you’re getting the most out of your investment. With Adnium, you can really make sure that you’re getting the best ROI, with only a couple of clicks.

4. JuicyAds

JuicyAds is a multiple award-winning ad network that is widely used across the adult industry in order to generate quality traffic. It’s a detailed platform that provides users with a lot of options and metrics. You can easily track your daily impressions for particular time zones, estimated CPC, CPM – basically everything you need in order to see where your money is going. By filtering the traffic and trading in JuicyAds, traffic comes back and in return, you get more clicks on your ad.

5. TrafficFactory

TrafficFactory is a baby of two adult industry powerhouses, and, and it was created with a single mission in mind: to sell traffic. It’s as simple as that. Everyone who has been working in the adult industry for more than a month knows that these above mentioned websites generate a lot of traffic. TrafficFactory has the exclusive rights for both of these titans, which automatically makes it a worthy source.

This is the ad network on top of the list when it comes to providing media buyers with geo-target options, however; TrafficFactory operates on specific rules. It’s a target feature heavy provider that allows banners, but only if they come with images. There is no carrier targeting and they don’t have a mobile version, which is a huge minus for most media buyers.

6. Ero-Advertising

This platform is used in more than 200 countries around the world. It has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy for the media buyers to create campaigns and track how they’re performing. Even though it’s basically created for media buyers who know what they’re doing, beginners can also participate, because you only need to pay a fee of 50 Euros in order to open an account.

Ero-Advertising offers general campaign types. CPM, RON, and flat rate are standard options. You can target your audience by payment type, frequency capping, dayparting, daily budget, country, traffic type, categories, browsers and OS.

7. TrafficHaus

Built by publishers for publishers, TrafficHaus is an interesting advertising platform where you can buy and sell advertisements with a single click. It uses a specific system that makes it possible for publishers to freely sell and resell their inventory to everyone that’s looking to buy traffic from them.

The advertisers have complete control of ad sizes, locations, traffic volumes, and devices they’re interested in sending their creatives, while keeping the flexibility to easily adjust their bids in real time, in order to help them maximize their ROI on the go.

8. ExoticAds

This is a young player in the game. ExoticAds is basically an adult display network that only offers banners. It runs on the CPC principle, which means that you pay for every click your banner receives. This is of course if you are an advertiser. If you’re the publisher – it’s the other way around. You get money if someone clicks on your creatives.

This ad network also has its own set of rules. It doesn’t accept publishers that promote content that’s created without participant’s consent. ExoticAds is down with fake traffic, unestablished sites, malware rich sources, etc.

9. TrafficStars

This is an exclusive, self-serving premium ad network designed for generating grade A-quality adult traffic, which unfortunately isn’t available to everyone.

In order to get an account on this platform, it’s imperative that you own an actual company.

Every member is automatically assigned with it’s own account manager, whose primary job is to introduce you to all the top segments, spots, and general know-how in order to ensure that your efforts on this ad network are successful.  

This is a network that sells quality adult traffic on a global scale, with an impressive concentration of high volumes, especially in tier 1 GEOs. Of course, it can also chase regular, low-quality payout geo-locations like India, Brazil, or Thailand but that isn’t really the reason why people register with TrafficStars. It’s all about the quality here.

TrafficStars supports six banner sizes and popunders.

10. Adxpansion

Last, but not least on the list, Adxpansion is a well-known brand in the adult traffic market world. Here advertisers use keywords to target their audiences, while publishers make money through renting their commercial space to the highest bidders. It operates on a standard CPC, CPM model. Even though it’s mostly oriented to adult networks, you can target non-adult sites through it as well.

Adxpansion is all about giving their users total control of their ads. As a publisher, you can include or exclude any type of ads based on the users’ interest and website niche.

Unlike any other network out there, Adxpansion allows you to set the minimum CPM for your traffic (all in real-time), and if they can’t meet the price then they’ll simply return the ad space back to the ad provider of your choice. In this scenario, you are always earning revenue. Pretty sweet, right?

Over to You

Thank you for taking the time to read this article from top to bottom. I hope it helped you understand that intelligent media buying is something that can really help your online business grow. All you need to know is how to make the most of your campaign and where to look for quality traffic that’s best for you.

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