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Native November Cash Back Promotion Offer

We at Traffic Mansion are excited to announce that we have partnered with Exoclick to launch Native advertising ad spots for a selection of our Members Area websites, making us the first dating programme to do so. 

Our native ads use LiveCam models and are placed within the dating pages of Traffic Mansions’ dating websites next to real dating profiles. The ads themselves look almost like members’ profiles making them perfect for LiveCam campaigns as we expect significant CTR increase.

Native November 15% cashback

During Native November promotion we are offering 15% cashback to advertisers who book flat deals for Traffic Mansion ad spots throughout the whole month of November. 

The promotion is a great incentive to test, optimise and (of course) convert your LiveCam offers by combining our high quality traffic and Exoclicks advanced technology.

Cash back promotion rules

  • Minimum spend is $100 per account.
  • The 15% cash back is capped at a maximum payment of $500 per account.
  • All advertisers are entitled to this promotion for campaigns that are buying TrafficMansion Native ad spots, no other Native ad spots are included in the cash back promotion.
  • The cash back will be transferred directly to each advertiser’s account no later than Monday 9th December 2020.
  • The credit can only be spent on ExoClick’s traffic to buy any ad format.
  • The advertiser must follow ExoClick’s compliance guidelines, any breach of these guidelines will disqualify the advertiser from further participation in this promotion.
  • All advertisers are entitled to this promotion for new and existing campaigns using Traffic Mansions Native ad format.
  • The promotion begins from 12am (EST) 1st November 2020 through to 12pm (EST) 30th November 2020

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