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Top 4 Secrets to Traffic Mansion’s Success

In order for you to better understand our role, we’ve listed Traffic Mansion’s Top 4 secret tools that lead our affiliates to success.

Without any further ado, allow us to reveal the Ace up Traffic Mansion’s sleeve…


1) The Optimizer

Traffic Mansion’s famous secret weapon – ‘The Optimizer’ – is an in-house proprietary smartlink technology that not only rotates all of our offers, but places a series of pre-landers also in autorotation. This killer combination allows us to make the most out of every click by combining our best features in one place. The optimizer uses the smartlink approach, combined with email passing and geo redirection, for geos that it determines will not perform at its best.

More offers = more conversionsThe Optimizer goes even further by detecting whether the user who is clicking has visited our platform in the past. If so – it shows the next best performing offer available in the cascade for that specific user, and doesn’t waste the click on an offer where the user has already converted.


2) Email passing flow

The email parameter is the key

Our smartlink set-up allows for an extra parameter for email passing via text, base64 or the MD5 hash. This allows every single click to self-optimize past the prelander stage automatically, and straight to the next relevant offer for that specific user. With the email passing set-up, the unique to DOI conversions increase significantly to levels never seen before!


3) Fallback URL

We ensure that no click is wasted.

Return URL gives you full control on every single click, allowing you to reroute the traffic to the offer of your choosing at a geo, and device level – in case the optimizer determines that you can make money off that click elsewhere. We offer our own filtering system for our affiliates to reroute the traffic anywhere they please – all as part of our Optimizer set up.


4) Understanding the backend

The best part about having campaigns bundled together and working as part of an optimizer group, is being able to analyze them. Our backend will allow you to understand geos, fallback URL clicks, keywords (traffic sources), etc, as well as the full-flow of conversion with the ability to look at the data overall, or splitting it by registration date.

We have an extraordinarily innovative platform – granting you access to a dashboard with 100% transparency on all reporting.

If you have any questions at all about how to take full advantage of the vast amount of data, or the tools available to you, such as our hot API or implementation of an S2S pixel at a smartlink level – please make sure to contact your account manager right away.

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