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Traffic Mansion’s Bucket List Contest

We’ve got two words for you:


Now, quick! What comes to mind?
Of course you can’t skydive over Dubai while surfing in Costa Rica, so list them – your Top 5, and send them our way!

That’s right, Traffic Mansion is treating one very lucky affiliate to an experience of a lifetime; the opportunity to shorten their bucket list by one!

Traffic Mansion will be announcing the lucky winner at ASE on August 1st – where one Bucket List wish from a qualifying affiliate will be made into a reality!

So, here’s what affiliates will need to qualify:

An average of at least 5 sales per day from the contest period (May through July), and a 30% sales increase from the 3 month period before the contest, so if you had no sales before, the 5 sales a day will more than take care of the increase.

Dig deep, send us your Top 5 Bucket List Wishes to and prepare for a life-changing experience!

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