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Traffic Mansion’s Smart Optimizer Will Keep Your Offers Fresh

Traffic Mansion dating websites are among the most trafficked online and are also some of the best converting. We take pride in our efforts to make our conversion process efficient and effective. TM websites are time and traffic tested to ensure they convert your visitors into paying members on our sites. This results in sales for us and income for you! Each time one of your referred visitors joins on our sites you earn $50 Pay Per Sale (Every single sale, so when a customer joins more than one site you make more than one PPS!). This often means income exceeding $100 for YOU for each customer on our end. We also pride ourselves on our honesty. When we make promise of a payment based on conversion, we make good on it.


Using Traffic Mansion for your affiliate marketing not only allows you an affiliate relationship with a successful, transparent, and trustworthy company- it also guarantees that your affiliation will result in higher conversion rates by end users as our Smart Optimizer eliminates wasted clicks and increases the probability of sign-up. The optimizer is our own in-house technology. It is a smartlink that rotates several of our in-house offers to determine which offer to send the customer to based on a self-learning algorithm. Our system also determines which clicks we are unlikely to perform well with and allows you to redirect that traffic to any other affiliate program of your choosing so that not a single click goes to waste aiming to give you the highest EPC for the traffic we do take in. We are focused on relevance and continuous improvement.


In order to increase conversion and sales, we employ a number of techniques. We encourage unique users to offer demographics and complete sign-ups by managing pixel triggers by lead value and offering site access with basic or full one clicks. We also offer teaser photos or content along with the one click aimed at our target market and using SEO data to make the sign-up more tempting. If trends change or the traffic on an affiliates site changes and our campaigns or affiliations are no longer relevant, the data will show it and we can adjust campaigns. This means a more efficient and effective marketing campaign for Traffic Mansion and more money for our affiliates. As we make money, so do you!

The ability of the optimizer to show sale stats in real and retro time means we can track a sale in relation to the unique visit and sign-up time. This can help us track campaigns and make decisions based on how long it takes a paying user to go from click to lead to return to purchase. Pulling a campaign early for a market that is slower to buy but has a high conversion rate and high rate of return can be avoided, as can paying out for clicks that never result in a sale. This tracking can also help to identify users who are signing up across multiple sites or completing a basic one click without confirmation to get quick site access.

When a user clicks on our affiliate link or advertisement, they are redirected to a Traffic Mansion pre-lander where we gather their demographics. At this point, our Smart Optimizer uses the algorithm to check the user’s email address to see if they are already signed up on one of our sites. They are then sent to the site with the best conversion rate that they are not already signed up on. This is how we eliminate the wasted click and increase the chances of sign-up, conversion, and cash for our sites and our affiliates.

We use the data we gather to narrow campaigns to a more productive target or to expand in areas that are performing better than expected. Stats can be tracked by keyword, country, and traffic source to see successful SEO, imaging, campaigns, and sources and to determine the countries that have a higher conversion rate. As SEO is constantly changing, we use our data to determine what customers are searching for and which images, keywords, pop-ups, and headers are performing successfully. This can help us to tweak SEO and site content to stay fresh. It also assures you that our expertise combined with our Smart Optimizer mean for you.  

As an affiliate, you may have the option to track data with our keyword parameter to view performance of different traffic sources. This allows you to maximize information gathered about your affiliate account with us, how well campaigns are performing, and how well compensated you are for it. We can provide this without compromising confidentiality and confidence in the system. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We keep accounts separate across our affiliates and use data specific to each campaign without giving other affiliates access to any of your conversion data.  

Overall, use of the Smart Optimizer can keep your content and offers fresh. By automatically adding new public sites launched in the traffic mansion network to your optimizer groups, you don’t have to lift a finger to ensure your (and our) resources are being used most efficiently and effectively. Rather than guessing what might work or waiting for reports to tweak performance, we use our Smart Optimizer to improve performance of campaigns and affiliate links in real time; saving money and company resources. Technology is always changing and our optimizer will help keep campaigns current and money rolling in!


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