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Transparency for Tranquility

One particular aspect of Traffic Mansion’s business model has garnered immense respect from our affiliates, and has set us far apart from our competitors –  we offer our affiliates full payout transparency. We at Traffic Mansion started out as affiliates ourselves, and have since built our company ethos on a foundation of empathy and respect for our own affiliates. We run with an affiliate state of mind.

When progress is being made, you’ll know it instantly! That means absolutely no ‘Shaving’ – just straightforward, real-time statistics provided 24 hours a day.

Rest assured, if you see the sale in the system, you will be paid out on it. There are no retrospective removals. ‘Lead Shaving, is an unfair, and unethical business practice that has become far too common today. We refuse to allow our affiliates to become jaded by apathy when it comes to unrealistic reports and statistics – leading to illusory payout promises. Honesty is the key to success, and we at Traffic Mansion take that philosophy rather seriously.

Our full-transparency policy offers every affiliate the following real-time statistics to keep up with their accounts:

Uniques, Signups, Sales, Uniques (Return URL), Earnings, Earnings-per-Unique, Unique-to-signup Ratio, Signup-to-Sale Ratio, Unique-to-Sale Ratio.

Affiliates are shown stats for today, yesterday, the past week, the previous week, their current pay period, previous pay period, custom dates and lifetime totals.

Traffic Mansion offers the highest EPC for email marketing traffic, as our affiliates are paid out every single time the same customer upgrades to any of our cascade’s 15 sites! That $50 PPS doesn’t seem so low now!

Traffic Mansion is in its fifth year of operation- and in that time as a group, we’ve happily paid out a staggering sum to our affiliates amounting to over a Quarter-Billion dollars!

We’re happy when our affiliates are happy – may transparency bring us all tranquility!

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