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5 Practical Tips For Choosing The Best CPA Offers

You, a company, and a direct CPA offer. 

A match made in heaven, affiliates say. 

The CPA (AKA) Cost-Per-Action (affiliate marketing) model works well for all involved and works a little like this:

Companies have offers available, in the form of products or services and collaborate with affiliate marketers to expand their reach. You then, as the affiliate, promote the CPA offer amongst your following. 

Whether the desired results are email signups or a sale the company gets their marketing goals met and you…

you get paid. 

As said already: a match made in heaven. 

As you gain more experience and forge relationships, you stand to make even more money.  

Not bad right? 

That said, it is a lot easier said than done. But certainly not impossible with the best CPA offers and practical tips in getting your hands on them.

Without any further ado, here are 5 practical tips to help you choose the best CPA offers and maximise your profits. 

CPA Offers V’s Direct CPA Offers?

CPA offers are like people. They come in an array of verticals each with varying needs in terms of acquisition in order for you to get paid.  From subscribing to email lists to purchasing a product. It’s important when weighing up a CPA offer that you consider it’s profitability  – for you. 

What can be hot in any one vertical can quickly become stone cold the next. And… with no sign of revival. Fortunately, the dating vertical doesn’t suffer from such fluctuations.  Dating offers are hot all year round. 

So, how do you decide what is the most profitable CPA offer for you? What’s more, where do you find such offers? 

Keep reading, we’ll get into that next. 

As a blossoming affiliate marketer you should know you have options. 

The first being, to join a (reputable) CPA network and promote what is known as a CPA Offer. 

CPA networks act as intermediaries between you and the company. 

In other words: “The Middleman”.  

(You + CPA Offer + Conversion – CPA Network Cut =  Profit)

Being the middleman, they will take a slice of your profits. However, they often have access to a ton of offers in multi verticals. Therefore, they put you in good stead of maximising your profits. With that said, they have plenty of affiliates on their books meaning competition is tight.  

Direct CPA Offer

Next there’s the option of going it direct. Going down this route, means you work with the company directly,  promoting what is known as a direct CPA offer.  To do this, you will need to join a direct affiliate program. Take Traffic Mansion, for instance, signing up to our program gives you exclusive access to our dating offers. 

(You + Direct CPA Offer + Conversion =  Profit)

Unlike CPA networks, direct affiliate programs tend to specialise in one or two verticals. 

Of course a major advantage is, you cut out the middleman and pocket all the profits.

Did you know in some cases this can be up to x5 the rates of a CPA network?

Also… who knows more about a direct CPA offer than the company who it belongs to?  

Direct Affiliate Programs are filled with a team of experts,  armed to the hilt with insider tips. They know all there is to know about their direct CPA offer and how to promote it! Everything from the best creatives down to targeting, helping you to convert like crazy and raise your EPC. 

2. Fostering Relationships

Upon joining, both CPA networks and direct affiliate programs will assign you with an affiliate manager (AM). AM’s know all the tips and tricks when it comes to yielding higher returns on offers. Forging good relationships with your affiliate manager is a great way of securing the best CPA offers.

It’s probably the worst kept secret in the industry that AM’s have access to more lucrative CPA offers and tend to reserve these for their best affiliates. So, becoming BFF’s is a sure way of gaining experience and making more money. 

You won’t be the only one vying for their attention, so how do you stand out? 

By bringing in high numbers of quality traffic of course! That and staying abreast of current trends.

You may not know everything (yet), however showcasing your willingness to learn and succeeding within the industry will definitely do the trick!

3. CPA Offers: Eye Candy or the Real Deal 

When eyeing up a CPA offer you fancy, you will need to determine whether it is eye candy or the real deal. 

CPA offers cost time and money to test, so you need to be sure this one is actually worth it and not another scam. Generally, CPA offers from reputable CPA networks are good to go. That said, it is still advisable to carry out your own research. Given direct affiliate programs offer direct CPA offers, they will have firsthand knowledge about it.

For instance, when weighing up a CPA offer in dating consider the following: 

  • Are you comfortable with promoting the offer?
  • When promoting dating offers for micro niches –  Familiarise yourself, get this wrong and you can lose money by targeting the wrong audience 
  • How complicated is the sign up process users?
  • Does the dating site include free search functions?
  • Does the website immediately request payment information? (a huge turn-off)  
  • How many functions are available free and how much does premium membership cost?
  • Protect your reputation at all costs. Always check the offers for their stance on important issues such as data protection and other security protocols.
  • Has there been any publicised breaches

4. Where for Art Thou CPA offers?

So where do you find hot high converting CPA offers? 

You will discover the best CPA offers through your direct affiliate program and specifically your affiliate manager. Here at Traffic Mansion, Jenna, Kate and Artem are always on hand to help out with campaigns and tell you all there is to know about our dating offers. 

Next stop for finding high converting CPA offers is in affiliate forums. Joining an affiliate forum and becoming part of the affiliate community offers you a valuable source of information. From reviews to CPA network to good old fashion networking, 

Finally, we recommend utilising offer aggregators. Think Google search engine but specifically for  CPA offers.  You can find lots of enticing offers using this tool. 

5.Conditions of the CPA offer

Now, let’s talk money. 

Like most affiliate marketers, we guess the first thing you look at when considering viability of the CPA offer is the payout?  Whilst important, there are other conditions you also need to look out for.  Keep an eye on the minimum payout amount and whether the CPA offer has a limit on conversions.  Both of these conditions have the potential for reducing your profit.  (If you have a good relationship with your AM, you may be able to request an increase on your cap)

Choose The CPA Offer Best For You  

Both CPA offers, whether direct or not, have advantages and disadvantages.

Going direct means you get to keep your profits to yourself working directly with the merchant. Whereas a CPA offer via a network potentially exposes you to more offers, but they will take a cut of any profits you make.

When choosing the best CPA, decide what’s best for you and the niche you specialise in. 

Here at Traffic Mansion, joining our direct affiliate program gives you an opportunity to work with us directly and promote our exclusive dating offers. 

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