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5 Trends Increasing Earnings for Dating Affiliates in 2020 (and set to continue into 2021)


A standout year that requires no introduction amongst dating affiliates. 

Those who managed to stay on top of 2020’s trends not only increased their earnings, but a head start on their competitors. 

As we adjust to a new normal the good news is: Many of this years’ top trends will continue into 2021.

The not-so-good-news is…

Competition will be tougher! 80% of businesses are expected to use affiliate marketing as part of their sales next year. 

In light of this news ask yourself this: 

Are your current marketing strategies ready to go head to head with your competitors and generate income?

Don’t answer now. 

Read through our article of the Top 5 Trends Increasing Earnings for Dating Affiliates and prepare to do battle in 2021. 

Trend no.1 Video Content 

Forget the thrill of the chase and let’s dive right in with video content, our first of five trends increasing dating affiliates earnings in 2020. If you read our post last year, you’ll note we forecasted video content being a trend to keep an eye out for. 

What we couldn’t have predicted back then was the magnitude this trend has had on the mainstream and becoming the fastest growing trend of 2020

A combination of being forced indoors, the rise of Tik Tok (more on this later), social unrest and a pandemic created the perfect storm. A storm seeing Video Content collide into the marketing world and make a huuuuge impact.

If you are yet to effect this seismic trend into your marketing strategy, the time is now.  Marketers previously confined this trend to the realms of social media, however it is no longer a “nice-to-have” but an absolute must-have.  Marketers are now adopting video content into all stages of their sales funnel and are seeing the returns in their ROI. Video content is leading the way for affiliate marketing, collecting $200, passing go and heading straight into 2021.

Native Video Advertising 

Many affiliates have incorporated native video advertising (another huge 2020 trend) into their video content strategies.  Interestingly marketers found their conversions increased, and yielded higher ROI’s when paired with an optimised landing page

For instance,  if working with Cam Offers your landing page could be created to draw heightened attention to the model.  

Since video content in general does well when users can engage, by creating a landing page you can really ramp up the engagement by conducting an interview with the model for instance –  providing her personal information such as her interests, favorite sexual position or a story depicting her first sexual experience. 

Add a CTA at the bottom of the landing page and voila take the user (who might we add is already engaged on the dating site and ready to chat) to the LiveCam site. 

Fun fact for you: Live videos hook viewers up to three times longer and create six times longer interactions than ordinary videos.

Trend no.2 Tik Tok for business 

Second on our list of Top five trends generating earnings for dating affiliates in 2020 and showing no signs of slowing down in 2021 is Tik Tok for business. Given the level of popularity Tik Tok has received this year from users and even politicians, it’s highly unlikely dating affiliates haven’t heard of this trend. But just in case…

Tik Tok for business is the latest social media giant to hit the masses and is a unique video sharing app encouraging diversity and plenty of engagement. Popular with generation Z, Tik Tok for business affiliate marketing, is a fantastic marketing tool. Great for brand awareness Tik Tok fares well creating excitable and fun engagement in a time where trust and relationships are the key component to increasing sales.  

Why this trend has worked for dating affiliates in 2020 is because aside from acquiring organic traffic, marketers can benefit from targeted traffic using Tik Toks advertisements. Currently this feature is cheaper than mainstream methods and thus useful for marketers with limited budgets. If you’re not on board this trendy social network, get involved and inject some (much needed) fun and ultimately… conversions into your marketing strategy in time for 2021. 

Trend 3 Seasonal Campaigns

Our third example of a profitable marketing trend for affiliates and only set to continue into 2021 are seasonal campaigns. For some verticals you may be thinking:

“Is this even applicable?”

And we get it. Dating is an evergreen vertical after all… one lasting all year round. 

But does that mean people are thinking about “cuffing season” in the middle of summer? 

In any case, seasonal campaigns aren’t about you, they’re about your audience. Being in tune with their thoughts,  feelings, values and being aware of what is going on in their world. Not every season is for your business and getting this wrong could make you come across at best inauthentic.

And at worse… 

tone-deaf and insensitive. 

As the great saying goes: 

“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

This is another reason why we at Traffic mansion are always stressing the importance of  staying abreast of goings on. As marketers you must always have one ear out listening to social conversations.  

2020 may seem like a touchy feely year for affiliate marketing. For those investing in seasonal campaigns, are seeing the payoff in their conversions.  As we countdown to a much awaited year, this trend is looking like the midnight kiss we all long for on new years eve and continuing well into 2021. 

Trend 4 Localisation 

One trend quietly gaining traction this year is Localisation and is centred around the ‘Going Local’ theme. 2020 has highlighted to dating affiliates that it is no longer enough to target an audience with global creatives or by translating English copy into different languages.  Similarly to Seasonal Campaigns being unable to communicate with your audience will only harm your brand. 

Localisation is about inclusivity and recognising a group by showing depth and understanding of a culture in order to communicate with them in their language.  As you might imagine, this trend has proven particularly fruitful for dating affiliates targeting different GEO’s and scaling campaigns according to whether people were coming out of or going into lockdown.  

When people are being careful about their spending habits, they buy from people they know and can trust, and why this trend is yielding good returns for affiliates. It is based on the niche model –  a marketing trend with strong emphasis on specific market campaigns.


it is showing no signs of waning as we travel into 2021.

Trend 5 Voice Search

Google, can you please share the fifth and final trend increasing earnings for dating affiliates in 2020?” 

In case you’re wondering what the answer is to the above search term, it’s voice search.

Remember the silly fun we had when Siri first came out – the pointless voice search requests that also included swear words?

Well… it looks like Siri and Co are having the last laugh. 

Although voice searches are not new per se… they’re popular, trending now in 2020 and predicted to continue well into 2021. 

People tend to “speak” to Alexa, Siri, Google etc and conduct their voice searches using a conversational tone. This means for affiliates wanting to stand out ahead of competitors and you will need to incorporate more long tail keywords as part of your SEO strategy.  

We would love to hear which trends worked best for you in 2020, tell us below in the comments.  Given these trends are continuing into 2021 also let us know of the trends that didn’t work as well and we will be more than happy to help you out with further resources. 

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