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Top 5 Strategies to Promote Dating Offers & Make You Convert!

So you started promoting dating offers.  How’s it going?

Before answering, you should know this: 

Tips on promoting dating offers and in particular increasing conversions tend to be quite limited. 

If you’re struggling to see your dating affiliate marketing efforts pay off, then this is the post for you.  

In this article, we at Traffic Mansion share the best strategies and offer our tips for promoting dating offers.

Start using them and watch your conversions skyrocket!  

So with no further ado… here they are! 

#1 Dating Affiliate Marketing: Collab with a Dating Affiliate program   

What could make your dating offers convert faster than by partnering with a reputable dating program?

Collaborating with a dating program and promoting highly sought dating offers is a strategy that is a quickfire way  to increase your CTR. 

You get to work with direct dating offers that are known and already “traffic’d”.  Then there’s the fact you cut out the middleman and hold on to more profits.  What’s more the merchants have a vested interest in their dating offers. Meaning:  they will know everything on getting the highest possible EPC available. 

Furthermore, signing up to the best dating affiliate program will give you exclusive access to next level support from affiliate managers (AM’s).  For instance here at Traffic Mansion, our AM’s have decades of experience between them. For us a partnership is a mutually beneficial one. And.. we are always on hand to help with tips to skyrocket your conversions. 

#2: Dating Affiliate Marketing: Knowing Your Niche

Get your strategy off on the right foot… immediately. Will you go the adult or mainstream route? Deciding on a niche is a necessary step to your success in affiliate marketing.  This money-making decision will dictate your dating affiliate marketing initiatives in how you go about promoting your dating offers.

What you should know is that both stand to make you a ton of money. That said, we can’t lie, the adult niche tends to be more lucrative. There’s just something about taboo that humans find so damn irresistible.  A fact backed in the $$$ generated by the hookup phenomena.. However resist the urge to choose solely on the basis of making money. 

The reason being is if you’re uncomfortable with any of the elements that go into creating high converting campaigns… you’re money making initiative will be over. We have both mainstream and adult dating sites at Traffic Mansion.  So, there is no need to feel hemmed in when making this huge money-changing decision. 

#3 Dating Affiliate Marketing: Personalisation & Localisation 

Often affiliates concentrate on creating beautiful banners that speak to their audience. However, they commit an immortal sin by overlooking the copy used to seduce their audience. 

Remember: Many groups of people speak a common language. It doesn’t mean they share the same culture or slang words. Let’s take the English language for example….do you know how many different dialects and variations of the language exist in England alone? Alot.  

People are attracted to what is familiar to them. Words matter. Get your copy wrong and no matter how hot the visual, it’ll have the opposite effect. To speak to your audience and give yourself a chance of converting your dating offers is to localise and personalise your campaigns.  

What we mean is commit.  Go the whole 9 yards when targeting a specific geo.  Taking shortcuts with recycled generic copy  simply won’t do.  Consider using a translator, with real local knowledge to speak to the hearts (or inside their pants) of your intended audience. Get this right and before long you’ll be doing much more than whispering sweet nothings… you’ll be driving more clicks and making them convert 😉 

#4 Dating Affiliate Marketing: Creating Engaging Content 

Content is a strategy that very much needs to be kept at the centre where promoting your dating offers is considered.. Whilst true, the dating niche relies on visuals, after all who doesn’t want to see good looking people? But your dating affiliate marketing strategy will need to focus on more than just banners and images.

Perhaps now you see just how important it is to determine your niche from the outset? To consistently promote your dating offers and achieve high conversions, your content will need to “call out” to the people your targeting. Not only will you need to think outside the box…you will need a basic SEO strategy. As well as targeting keywords and creating a presence on social media.

When it comes to promoting dating offers and converting… landing pages are a must. Of course if you’re partnered with an dating affiliate program, AM’s will be only too willing to help you. However, they’re many tools suitable for all budgets available these days.  And they’re pretty easy to set up too. Check out our review post on the best landing pages tools

#5 Dating Affiliate Marketing: Finding the right traffic sources

When it comes to choosing traffic sources for promoting your dating offers, how do you know which is the right one?  Here’s four things to consider before putting all your eggs in one basket: 

  1. Wait, how much? 

When weighing up the cost, consider the quality of the traffic. Check the GEOS you can monetise in. Remember it will be a waste of money for you if you are unable to promote your dating offers. 

  1. The Amount of Traffic Available

You can’t monetise if you don’t have traffic right? Choose a credible source with plenty of traffic compatible with the dating offers you are promoting. 

  1. Restrictions, Regulations, Rules & Oh No you didn’t 

Some traffic sources have strict restrictions for promoting certain offers. Meaning you will get more than a slapped wrist for breaching guidelines.  Ignorance is no excuse. Make sure you read the guidelines policy before you start promoting your dating offers. 

  1. The Targeting Options Available

Targeting allows you to get your dating offers to the very people interested and bound to skyrocket your conversions. You can target by location, devices, languages and other categories to ensure you reach your audience. Now, doesn’t that sound cool? 

Before we end this conclude this segment we have included a ‘To Do List to integrate into your dating affiliate marketing strategy 


  • Research before jumping into a specific traffic source
  • Educate yourself by joining reputable sources, there is plenty of useful tips here on our blog
  • Create relevant creatives/banners 
  • Always test before putting all your eggs in one basket
  • Reach out to help from AM’s
  • Optimise your campaigns) check if you need to adjust, pause or place higher bids

And lastly – Don’t Give Up! 

Over To You: 

So now you’re armed with our top five  strategies to make money online promoting dating offers.  Here are the tips again, summarized:

  • Join a reputable dating affiliate program, for exclusive access to expert knowledge and advice for promoting dating offers. 
  • Turn to your affiliate manager for expert advice and support
  • Learn all there is to know about your niche and go after your audience with everything available to you. 

-Localize and Personalize your campaigns

-Quality Traffic Sources

-Create content that gets inside the pants of your audience! 

When it comes to promoting your dating offers, the skies the limit. Adopt these practical tips into your dating affiliate marketing strategy and watch your conversions skyrocket. 

Tell us which strategy you are most looking forward to getting started with? 

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